Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goat's Beard Gone To Seed; May-apple Leaf with Yellow Spots, June 1, 2009


deb said...

Very nice pictures! Such a variety, we don't get that many different kinds right by me.

normabyrd said...

CONGRATS! You certainly have a nice collection
of wild flowers---Thanks for sharing---I have been too lazy to go up the river & see what is
blooming now---when I saw your raspberries--It hit me!---IT'S TIME!---

normabyrd said...

CONGRATS!--You have such a mixed collection of wild flowers---WONDERFUL!---I am familiar with some & some I haven't seen before!!--When I saw your raspberries----time to check up the river!!---that's the home of raspberries & black berries!!---